Big Apple Green Official Launch – Mark Your Calendar

Please mark your calendar for September 19, Noon to 1:30 pm to attend the official Online Launch Event for Big Apple Green. And be sure to reserve your online “seat” at

As a green business you won’t want to miss either of our nationally known guest speakers, Gil Friend and Candice Kollar:


Gil Friend, Founder and CEO of Natural Logic

Gil Friend

Gil Friend of Natural Logic will present “The Business of Greening.” — Noon to 12:45pm.

“Green” businesses have two dimensions — delivering greener value, and running green themselves. Each is worthy; the combination is a powerhouse.

What’s the business case for taking sustainability seriously, and taking it deep?

What are the key cards to play for strategy, operations, facilities, procurement, performance measurement, and getting all your people on board?

Learn more about Gil Friend and Natural Logic.

Candice Kollar, founder Kollar DesignCandice Kollar of Kollar Design will present “Branding & Positioning for Opportunities in the New Economy.“ — 12:45 to 1:30pm.

What do you need to know and do to build your firm’s credibility as a green product or service provider, earn the trust of clients and prospects, and stand out from the competition? Candice Kollar has been helping companies use sustainability as a market advantage for more than a decade. Join her for this inaugural program to learn what you need to know to succeed in the fast-growing clean and green sector.

Candice’s session will address these topics and more:

  • I have enough to manage. Why do I need to manage my brand too?
  • What does branding have to do with increasing revenues?
  • Why isn’t doing high quality work enough?
  • How sitting on the fence can cost you.
  • Valuable resources to help you demonstrate your leadership as a green business.

Learn more about Candice Kollar and Kollar Design.

The event is limited to 25 online seats, so please register now to reserve your place. Go here to register:

And, remember, attending an event online takes a little technical preparation and know-how, so be sure to show up early to the session to make sure your equipment works. Better yet, give me (Claude Whitmyer) a call (415-648-2667) or send me an email ( to set up a testing time before September 19th.

About Mike Frey

An entrepreneurial executive and consultant, Mike has developed and directed a broad range of initiatives to meet contemporary community and business needs. Besides Big Apple Green, he is also the founder of PROS a public/private program for downsized professionals and co-founder of STRIVE, an international employment program for disadvantaged youth

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