From Bronx Green to The Big Apple Green

The history and transition of our network
from 2010 through 2012.

Below is a download link and embedded video of Mike Frey’s introductory comments from the official launch event of The Big Apple Green, held Wednesday, September 19th. This three and half minute clip contains a summary history of the evolution of our network from its origins as The Bronx Green Business Network to our current incarnation as The Big Apple Green Business Virtual Network or The Big Apple Green, for short. Mike also describes the three promotional opportunities currently available to members on the website. More video clips from the event to come.

Download or view the video below (3m30s).

About Mike Frey

An entrepreneurial executive and consultant, Mike has developed and directed a broad range of initiatives to meet contemporary community and business needs. Besides Big Apple Green, he is also the founder of PROS a public/private program for downsized professionals and co-founder of STRIVE, an international employment program for disadvantaged youth

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