Green Business Opportunities for Successful Entrepreneurs: Become a Window Insulating Panel Manufacturer

Press release’ 10.11.12.

Green Business Opportunities for Successful Entrepreneurs: Become a Window Insulating Panel Manufacturer.

Installing a WindoTherm Panel is Easy.

Installing a WindoTherm Panel is Easy.

This is a chance to start a new business or grow the one you already have,” says Jim Devine, founder of Windo-Therm, the creators of Advanced Energy Panels “Build a successful enterprise, get local recognition and help create a community of neighbors working with neighbors.”

“This kind of idea, with the right product, is one we have been looking for many years,” says Dorothy Stoneman the founder and national director of YouthBuild USA.

Windo-Therm recently reached an agreement with YouthBuild USA licensing their first AEP manufacturing center in Fall River Massachusetts.  Youthbuild has hundreds of branches across the United States and their intent is to fine tune the Fall River regional sales and manufacturing center and replicate it in other cities.

There are many organizations like YouthBuild have job development arms and are quite dependent on grant funding for their enterprises.   Some now see the possibility of partnering with Windo-Therm with a manufacturing center as an opportunity to create green jobs, generate an income and become less dependent on grants to sustain their organizations.

Windo-Therm’s strategy of partnering with other individuals and organizations and licensing them to sell, measure, manufacture and install creates good green jobs, increases regional awareness and sales while eliminating expensive shipping costs making AEPs more affordable.

Licensing regional sales and manufacturing creates a whole new sales force driven by the desire to build a successful enterprise and the local recognition and respect of neighbors working with neighbors.

A second manufacturing center has been established with a privately owned company Window Improvement Masters (WIM).  They are in New Hampshire and Vermont along the Upper Connecticut River.  WIM are entering their second season and are growing the window insulating panel business rapidly.

After 12 years of manufacturing their patented window insulating panels and serving the entire country from upstate New York, Windo-Therm LLC of Hoosick Falls New York are now licensing others to manufacturer their Advanced Energy Panels (AEPs) in other regions.

AEP’s are double glazed, ultra-light, interior panels which air seal and insulate existing windows multiplying their efficiency to an Energy Star level and beyond.  The panels are a new alternative when replacing windows is not feasible or affordable.  They are a fraction of the cost of replacing windows.  AEPs can be built to insulate windows and doorways of any size or shape are much favored for use in historic buildings.  A number of utilities in the North eastern states pay 30 to 50% rebates to commercial gas users who install the energy saving panels.

Windo-Therm is looking for parties who may be interested in representing them in cities around the country.  For more information contact Jim Devine at 518-686-9581 or email

About Jim Devine

I am a manufacturer of patented window insulating panels. My goal is to create green jobs in the NY City region by establishing one or more distributors and licensing an independent manufacturing center in the NY City area.  To see a panel click here.

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