The Greening of Hospitals, Part 3 of 3: A National and International Movement

Gail Terry Grimes

FutureU’s CEO Gail Terry Grimes

In my last two posts, I described the many opportunities that are opening up to help reduce the environmental footprint of hospitals and other healthcare institutions. In The Greening of Hospitals, Part 2: Business Opportunity Checklists, I presented several long lists of the opportunities available.

In The Greening of Hospitals, Part 1: Hospitals Primed for Greening, I talked about the tremendous opportunities that await green vendors in the efforts to improve the environmental health of hospitals. These efforts are both national and global in scope. In fact, an entire sector of associations and credentialing organizations is emerging to help the healthcare industry go green.

Given the number, scope and growing influence of these organizations, for enterprises with a green focus there may be no sector more promising at this time than healthcare.

To learn more about the green hospital movement, check out these web sites:

Gail Terry Grimes
FutureU CEO

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