Online Tip for Green PR: Submit Your Press Releases Online

In this new age of digital marketing and communications, there is a lot to learn. It’s a good idea to set aside a regular time to do that learning.

One powerful opportunity to look at is online press releases. Because of the Internet, you can now submit your releases to one or more sites and automatically get them in front of the eyes of hundreds of journalists and authors looking for information on a wide variety of topics.

Each site’s focus is slightly different. Many or free. Some charge a fee. You’ll need to check them out one at a time and experiment with a release or two to find the ones that work best for you.

Most of these sites (if not all) will provide you with guidelines for the exact formatting you need.

Below are some good FREE websites that will broadcast your press release at no charge. If a reporter or blogger notices your story on these sites and finds it relevant you could be on your way to free buzz and backlinks to your website.

Here’s the list of websites where you can submit your press release free of charge.

Although not in the free category, PR Web
can be well worth the investment. I’ve used PR Web with my clients. PR
Web’s prices range from $80 to $360 depending on where you want your
press release to be found. They also have nice free guides on the exact
format your press release needs to be written in.

Here’s a blog entry that contains a list of 30 plus press release sites. You’ll need to check to see which ones seem to meet your need, but once you’ve found a match, this way of distributing press releases can be quite productive.

Notice that list also has a column for how many links you can include in your release. Thats a hint of the single biggest advantage of online press releases: you can link back to landing pages on your website and guide prospective journalists right to your door.

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